2020 KIA SELTOS is a good choice or not ?

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Kia recently launched new 2020 KIA SELTOS with all new features and new spcification . Kia launched this model in 9.89 lac. Now in India there are 16 varients are available in 3 engine option.

Costs for the 2020 KIA SELTOS (All-India ex-showroom)

2020 Kia Seltos
Kia Seltos

Kia Seltos Petrol 1.5

  • HTE-Rs 9,89,000
  • HTK – Rs 10,49,000
  • HTK+-Rs 11,59,000
  • HTX-Rs 13,34,000
  • HTX AT-Rs 14,34,000

Kia Seltos petroleum 1.4

  • GTX-Rs 15,54,000
  • GTX+-Rs 16,39,000
  • GTX+ 7DCT-Rs 17,29,000
kia seltos best suv under 15 lakh in india top suv
kia seltos best suv under 15 lakh in india top suv

Kia Seltos diesel 1.5

  • HTE-Rs 10,34,000
  • HTK-Rs 11,69,000
  • HTK+ – Rs 12,69,000
  • HTK+ AT-Rs 13,69,000
  • HTX-Rs 14,44,000
  • HTX+-Rs 15,49,000
  • HTX+ AT-Rs 16,49,000
  • GTX+ AT-Rs 17,34,000
2020 Kia seltos

2020 KIA SELTOS features

  • The stylishly craftes crown gem LED headlaps with heartbeat LED DRL’s gives a top notch look
  • The sporty crystal cut alloys gives amazing looks to this car
  • The electric sunroof provides an airy cabin
  • 2 step rear decline seat increases the comfort level for rear passenger
  • The ambient sound mood light sets your mood for every drive

What’s new in 2020 KIA SELTOS

In all new 2020 kia seltos you will get sunroof in HTX and GTX varients for exotic experience. AN emergency stop signal light flashes frequently to aleart vehicle coming from behind. Kia provides an conectivity feature in your car to conect via smartwatch.AT the rear you will get dual muffler design at the rear which is now available in HTK+ varients. moving towards interior you will fully automatic air conditiner with silver strap grab handle hich ads premium stance to its class and you can experience boldness in GTX+ varients with all black interior

2020 KIA SELTOS black interior
2020 KIA SELTOS black interior

Safety features in 2020 KIA SELTOS

  • Kia seltos has a structure od high strength steel and adhesive to provide safety
  • 6 airbags are present in seltos to provide you a sefer ride
  • Driving safety is increased by features like ESC/HAC/VSM/ABS
  • Disc brakes on all wheel increases the braking efficiency
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system helps you to keep track the tyre pressure

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