2021 Jeep Compass Facelift Debut in India Tomorrow

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2021 Jeep Compass Facelift

2021 Jeep Compass Facelift gets Exterior and interior changes as well

Jeep Compass is a well popular car in the Indian market. Jeep hasn’t updated its product since its launch. Now, the jeep is going to launch the Facelift variant in the domestic market. IN November 2019 Jeep introduced the Jeep compass Facelift. Now Jeep Compass Facelift is going to debut in the Market.


The facelift comes up with updates Design, Exterior, and updated power. The facelift model is first shown at the International Motor show china. now we have the confirmed Launch date for Jeep Compass Facelift. There are some dealerships across the country who already started booking for Jeep compass Facelift.

2021 Jeep Compass Facelift
Jeep Compass facelift

This car comes equipped with safety features for drivers like forwarding crash and lane departure warning systems. Blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, parking assist, and cross-traffic alert are optional. there are some more choice options are available with six new wheel choices.

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