5 Seater Volkswagen Tiguan gets a facelift

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The hottest news coming from Volkswagen is 5 Seater Volkswagen Tiguan gets a facelift in India, This is full of those features what Indian people demands for, Facelifted Tiguan offers plenty of room for each and every passenger. Its ergonomic design, roomy interiors, safety features make it a complete package for consumers, build quality of Volkswagen makes it a perfect choice for consumers. This Tiguan you will buy-in 23-26 lakhs. For cost-cutting, Volkswagen is going to take some actions for Indian consumers

5 Seater Volkswagen Tiguan gets a facelift
5 Seater volkeswagen Tiguan get facelift

Cost cutting factor in Tiguan facelift

Volkswagen is planning to give a Facelift version of Tiguan like 7 seater Tiguan all space at a reduced price. The price will vary from 23 to 26 lakhs. For cost-cutting, the company is planning to locally assemble and then sold it on less price


Engine and transmission of New facelift Tiguan

This version of premium 5-seater Tiguan is coming with a 1.5l TSI turbo petrol engine with a 7-speed DSG 4MOTION transmission. This facelift version will be available only in petrol version The engine is designed according to Bharat stage 6 emission norms, which is the additional thing that enhances the performance of Tiguan

What is Bharat stage 6?

Bharat stage 6 is the Emissions Norms that will strickly follow in India from 2020. With the introduction of Bharat Stage 6 technology, the Indian Automotive sector will be able to cope up with European and American Vehicle Industries in terms of Emission Norms.

What is Emission?

Emissions are the byproducts of any reaction. In the case of Automobiles that employ the Internal Combustion Engine as a powerhouse, fuel is ignited inside the engine. So due to the burning of fuel produces exhaust gases as byproducts which in technical terms is termed as ‘Tailpipe Emissions’.

Read in detail about BS 6

Interior and safety in Tiguan Facelift version

Interior of facelifted Tiguan will be thoughtfully designed like Tiguan all space, we can assume that the company is going to give a 5 seater version of Tiguan all space. The interior of 5 Seater Tiguan will be versatile and elegant like Tiguan all space. which will give you an amazing view from the cockpit, Including the cockpit is fully digital. coming toward safety so this Tiguan will be equipped with airbags, ABS braking system, ESP and a tyre pressure monitoring system and many more.

5 Seater Volkswagen Tiguan gets a facelift
Tiguan 2019 model

price of 5 Seater Volkswagen Tiguan facelift

The new facelifted Tiguan will cost you At an ex-showroom price of INR 23-26 lakh,

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5 Seater Volkswagen Tiguan gets a facelift


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