8 Reasons why Maruti Dzire is the most popular car in India

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Maruti Dzire was launched in 2008. It had to compete with Hyundai Accent and Tata Indigo to make its own mark, and it did. Maruti Dzire became a top favorite in the country. It is the third generation now and still going strong. These are the reasons why this is the preferred choice of car for many Indians.

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Reasons why Maruti Dzire is Popular

Affordable luxury

Maruti has catered to the mid-segment of the cars, which is why this sedan is so popular. It is an affordable car that gives the class and comfort of a sedan. It is one of the things that most Indians like, value for money. It is priced from 5.83 lakhs to 9.58 lakhs. It is approximately also the cost of a higher-end hatchback like Baleno. Along with the car, Maruti car insurance is one thing that is also affordable and yet necessary. This insurance gives complete coverage to your car, and if you are still not convinced, then you can go for the chargeable add-ons. Overall, this car and its related expenses are lesser than that of a sedan, but it has the perks of a sedan. The low ownership cost is a huge advantage of this car.

Unique design

Initially, Maruti Dzire looked like it was a modified Maruti Swift. Now, the design has changed, and the car has an identity of its own. The design has become more attractive over the last two generations. The wider track, chrome-infused grille, and the lovely posterior look classy.


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Good mileage

This is one of the first questions that anyone will ask when you tell them about any car. Good mileage is an indication of optimum usage of fuel. It means that refueling will not put a hole in your wallet every time. The increased traffic on roads has hampered the fuel efficiency of most cars. Maruti Dzire can give you up to an average mileage of 24 kmpl from the diesel version and 21 kmpl in the petrol version. For those who are looking to commute to their office every day, this is a great car as it gives good mileage even on city roads.

Great service network

Maruti is one of the oldest companies (Maruti 800 made a real impact). No matter where you are, you are sure to be around an authorized Maruti service center in case you get into trouble. Maruti is present in most corners of India and in rural places too. If you are on the road and have car trouble, you will definitely receive help.

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Easy maintenance

Maruti cars are non-fussy and extremely easy to maintain. Maruti Dzire is the same, and you do not have to spend a lot on this car. You can follow the periodic maintenance mantra, and your car will give you good mileage and longer life. The maintenance cost of a Maruti Dzire is the same as that of a Swift, which is a hatchback. Unlike most sedans, even though this is a luxurious car, you need not worry about spending more money after you buy it.

Faithful engines

Maruti is the pinnacle of faithful engines. People trust Maruti to make sturdy and stable engines. The brand name itself instills trust in the buyers. There is a petrol and diesel version available for buyers. There is a good mix of performance as well as fuel efficiency with Maruti Dzire. The car can run for thousands of kilometers without running into any major trouble. The petrol version of this car has an output of 81.80 bhp, while the diesel one has 73.75 bhp.

Comfort and convenience

The car should be comfortable for the driver as well as the passengers. The ample space in the car is one reason why this sedan is preferred over other ones. The third generation Dzire has much more space than its predecessors. There is enough legroom, and contrary to the beliefs, the boot is spacious and can carry a lot of luggage. It is also very convenient to get an insurance policy for your Maruti Dzire. You can go online and use the car insurance calculator to get an estimate of the premium you will have to pay.

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Good resale value

Since Maruti is popular for long-lasting engines, the resale value of Maruti Dzire is also high. As soon as the car leaves the showroom, the value decreases, and it keeps reducing every year. However, with a Maruti car, even after depreciation, you can get back a good portion of the money you spent on the car. This is why Maruti Dzire is popular in the used car market as well.

Apart from these factors, another reason why Dzire became so popular is the availability of the “Tour” segment, which specifically catered to the commercial vehicle segment. This was a very basic version of the car and was good for those who wanted a hassle-free vehicle that is going got run long kilometers. Also Read – Benefit up to 2.5 Lakh available on KIA Carnival this Diwali


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