Advanced AMT and Manual Transmission in New Tata Tiago

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The 4-star safety rating by Global NCAP new Tata Tiago is now offering the Advanced AMT and Manual Transmission System.

As we all know that Tata never compromises with the safety of the cars and its proud to be now that Indian car manufacturing company provides the safest cars in India.

With the Safety now the tata is offering the Advanced AMT and Manual transmission system in new Tata Tiago.

The New Tata Tiago is the compact Hatchback, Safest in his segment, and comes at a very low budget.

Advanced AMT Transmission System in Tata Tiago

The AMT transmission system is launched with the XTA variant of Tata Tiago. In this AMT Transmission system, the four options are given- Automatic(A), Neutral(N), Reverse(R), and Manual(M).

When you set the Automatic option you have to do only press the Brake pedal when you release the brake pedal the car starts moving in this option, whereas netural is for sure as we all know for neutralise the vehicle, Reverse is for going back and the manual option is for manually shifting the gears.

New Tata Tiago Interior
New Tata Tiago Interior

The new Tata Tiago is powered by the 1199 cc Revotron 3 cylinder engine and is able to produce the maximum power of 85 PS and 114 Nm of peak torque.

Sports(S) mode is also given there in the transmission system in which it generates more power and gives more performance.

Mileage of the Tata Tiago with AMT Transmission system

The company claims that the Mielage of the new Tata Tiago with the Advanced AMT Transmission system is 23 Km/l.

Price of the Tata Tiago

The Starting Price of the Tata Tiago is Rs 4.60 Lakhs.

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