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When it comes to taking care of our vehicles, many of us are not able to do it well. Taking care of a vehicle/car or bike needs special attention, which many of us are not able to give due to our busy and tight schedules. But the fact is you need no special time or skills for proper car maintenance. Here when I am talking about taking care of the vehicle or keeping the vehicle highly maintained, it doesn’t mean highly specialized maintenance which is to be done with special tools and equipment, but I am talking about basic care that your vehicle needs to increase lifetime and reliability of your vehicle. Now there are few points on which one should focus to increase vehicle reliability.

1. Oil Level

Check Oil level regularly: When it comes to oil levels, it means Engine oil, Transmission Oil, Differential Oil, etc. The core function of oils is to provide lubrication in mating parts to reduce wear and tear and to provide cooling in moving parts. If the oil level will be less, the wear and tear in parts will be more resulting in reduced lifetime and reliability. In severe cases, serious damage may occur due to complete failure of engine or transmission due to overheating. So it is better to check the oil level regularly.

Car Maintenance
Car Maintenance

2. Tire Pressure

Check tire pressure: Tires must be inflated properly with the required amount of air pressure. The required air pressure rating is written on the tire sidewall. It must not be underinflated or overinflated because in these cases complete tire failure can take place.

Car Maintenance | Vehicle Maintenance
Tire pressure

3. Engine Sound

Listen to engine sound: By listening to engine sound it means to listen for any unwanted noise, which may be a result of the part any failure in power train. If there is any get it checked by an authorized service center.

4. Check Coolant level

Check coolant level: Check the coolant level of your vehicle regularly. Coolant is used to keep engine temperature in the working range. If there is less quantity of coolant, engine failure can take place due to overheating. Check for Owner’s Manual of your vehicle for the proper volume of coolant required.

5. Keep your Vehicle clean

Keep your vehicle clean: Keeping your vehicle clean will give it a good look and is good for vehicle health. Accumulation of mud on the vehicle body leads to rust, which is then very cumbersome to resist. To prevent the problem of rust wash your vehicle once in the month.

6. Paint Protector

  • Use Paint Protectors: There are several products available in the market that helps in protecting the vehicle paint from water, sunlight, dust, etc.

7. Warning light

Don’t underestimate any warning light: Many of us do not care about warning lights that pop into the instrumental panel. But these are very crucial when it comes to vehicle health because these warning lamps illumination is a result of any malfunction in your vehicle. If any warning light illuminates into the instrumental panel, the first thing you need to do is to get your vehicle checked at an authorized service center.

Car Maintenance | Vehicle Maintenance
Warning light

Take care of electronics while washing: While washing your vehicle, the extra care is required for electronics parts such as sensors, controllers, etc because water can damage these parts which can result in a serious malfunction in your vehicle.

Get your vehicle serviced properly: Many of us are not serious about service intervals of our vehicles. Vehicle maintenance must be done properly at proper intervals at an authorized service center or by good mechanics as getting your vehicle serviced at proper intervals and using the genuine parts will increase the lifetime and reliability of your vehicle.

So these were some basic points on how to take care of your vehicle or Car maintenance or vehicle care. I hope you all get it. For more tips on vehicle maintenance visit regularly and stay updated.

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