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BMW M 1000 RR World Premiere

BMW First Bike in M Series World Premiere, First M series bike Based on S 1000 RR, “BMW M 1000 RR”.


The New BMW M 1000 RR World premiere done yesterday. This is the First ever Bike of BMW with M series. M 1000 RR is referred to as M RR as a Short name.

LED DRL's Projector Headlamps of BMW M 1000 RR
First ever M Series BMW M 1000 RR with LED DRL’s Projector Headlamps

This Bike made for the higher performance and the suspensions and the aerodynamics of the bike designed on the basis of race track performance and surely the bike meets the expectations of the top segment of Superbikes.

M RR With M Brake caliper
M Brake Calliper in BMW M RR

The first bike of the BMW in M Series is Based on its most successful superbike S 1000 RR ” Yes ” The Bike is looking similar to the S 1000 RR. The M RR is Four-cylinder Engine Based Bike for racing sport More powerful engine then S 1000 RR.

M RR With the Powerful Engine
M RR More Powerful Engine Than the BMW S 1000 RR

The BMW M 1000 RR powered by the Water Cooled Four-cylinder Engine Which produces 212 HP at 14,500 rpm and 113 Nm of peak torque whereas S 1000 RR Engine Produce 205 HP. With the Increase in Power, the Overall Weight of the M 1000 RR also decreases and has the kerb weight of 192 Kg.

M RR a Complete Track race bike
Track race bike M rr produces more Power and high performance at 6,000 to 15000 rpm.

The reason behind to increase in power and high performance is that BMW does some extensive technical changes like used 2-new ring forged piston from Mahle, Titanium Connecting rods from Pankl, Slimmer and Lighter Rocker Arms, new intake ports Duct Geometry, Compression increased to 13.5 with all these changes the M 1000 RR is ever more Aggressive then S 1000 RR when it comes in the range of 6,000 rpm to 15,100 rpm.

BMW M RR Acrapovic Exhaust
Akrapovic Lightweight Exhaust in M RR

If We talk about the variants then the same Standard and M Sport Mode comes with this superbike. The Bike is loaded with lots of features like- 6.5-inch TFT Screen, Anti hopping clutch, BMW Shift Cam Technology, Launch Controls, Different Driving modes like Rain, Road, Dynamic, Race and Race Pro 1-3 Modes, Dynamic Traction Control(DTC), Wheelie Control, Hill Start Control Pro, M GPS Datalogger, M GPS Laptrigger, USB Charging Socket, LED Interior Light Unit, Cruise Control, Heated Grips.

BMW M RR Revealed
BMW M 1000 RR Features like TFT Screen, GPS System, DCT, Launch Control, M sport driving modes.

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Most Importantly the Price of the BMW M 1000 RR is not Revealed Yet but it is expected to be launched nearby Rs 26 Lakhs. The Bike is Launched soon Internationally but no news to launch this bike in India Yet.

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