Car Maintenance Tips in LockDown: Shared By TATA Motors

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TATA Motors Shared some valuable tips for your Car Maintenance during this Lockdown, So That effects of lockdown don’t harm your Cars.

In this Lockdown, which is due to COVID 19, Every person can take care of his health, just Like That Take care of your vehicle is Also that much Important.

But a Normal person is not able to do Some technical maintenance of the Vehicle that’s Why TATA Motors Suggest some maintenance tips, That a Normal Person Can do without using any kind of tools, Which Saves your car during this Lockdown.

All Cars Are stand at the same place where it was parked from 20-30 days, And no one knows when this lockdown will get over and All vehicles again run on the roads, but for that period we all have to do basic maintenance of our vehicles.

For this TATA Share Some valub;e tips that every person can do without having any technical knowledhe.


Tips Shared By TATA Motors.

To Maintain your car at Home, The Owner has been advised to do the following measures.

Car Maintenance tips during lockdown, how to maintaine your car during this lockdown
Car Maintenance tips during lockdown, how to maintaine your car during this lockdown

1. Charge your Car Battery.

Cars Are Stand Since for a long time, that’s why their battery got discharged due to the self discharged of the battery or Car Security system consumes some battery.

So to keep the battery of the Car Charged, the car should be Started once Every week.

2. Parked your Cars at a safe Place.

Parked your car or vehicles at a safe place, Do Not Park your car Under a Tree, because it makes your Car dirty by falling of leaves and flowers and there is also a threat of falling branches of the tree due to heavy rainfall or wind.

Please Park your Car in your House or in your garage.

3. Parked your Car Using Stoppers.

Parked your Car or Vehicle by using stoppers or you can use some stones, Or a better way to Stop your Car by Putting it in Gear.

Keep Avoiding to use Hand Brakes at this time because if you use handbrakes for a long period of time it can Jam’s the brakes.

4. Vehicle Movement.

Owners Are Adviced to Move your Vehicle Foreward or Backward in your house or where you parked your vehicle, This helps the Vehicles, that All of their components will be working properly.

With This, the movement of tyre will occur which helps in Avoiding flats Spots in Tyres.

5. Maintain Hygiene of your Car.

  • Sanitized your Car Handle, Steering wheel, Dashboard, And Interior of the Car.
  • Clean the Interior of the Car by Vacuum Cleaner.
  • Wash your car whenever it needed.
  • Please Use your Car Cover for Covering the Car.

For More tips, which helps to maintain your car you Can Read Our Tips Which helps you to maintain your car very Nicely in this Lockdown.


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