DC Car Designer Dilip Chabaria Arrested in 100 crore scam

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Dilip Chabaria set up DC design in 1993

DC cars is a very popular car brand in India. Nowadays DC Car Design firm is again in the headlines. The founder of DC Design Dilip Chabaria found Suspect in Rs. 100 Crore Scam and arrested by Mumbai Police. Now he is in Judicial custody till the 2nd of January.

The first allegation him that Chabaria sold multiple cars with the same engine and chassis no. The second Allegation is DC firm Used to took loans by fraudulently posing as customers who wanted to buy Cars.


He took loans on his own cars and then sell them to the third party. The fourth allegation is the cars were hypothecated to Finance company but actually the car is already sold to the customers.

DC electric car avanti images, side profile
DC electric car avanti images, side profile, rear view

Mumbai police said it is assumed that out of 120 cars sold in India and out of India approx. 90 cars were used in this scam. Police said that the whole scam is doing to avoid high custom Tax and GST Tax. The crime branch is still investigating the total loss due to non-payment of customs duty.

The regional transport department is also under probe for not noticing the same engine and chassis no. on several cars. The Mumbai police Seized a Two Seater DC Avanti on Tip that registration was not genuine. then the owner showed his genuine papers that confirm the car was registered in Chennai. After some investigation, it was found that a car with the same Engine no. and chassis no. registered in Haryana too.

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