Ferrari Omologata Revealed in International Market

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Ferrari Omologata Officially Revealed Internationally

Ferrari Omologata is revealed now. The car is based on a one-off 812 superfast special. The edition is designed to celebrate the long wining history of GT cars. Ferrari says the design is inspired by the GT cars from their lineup.


Ferrari announced that the design was inspired by its racing heritage Sci-fi and modern architecture to deliver a refined and sleek design to the world. In this design, you will witness an oval-shaped grille and contrasting strike that wraps the bonnet.

Ferrari Omologata
In this design, you will witness an oval-shaped grille and contrasting strike that wraps the bonnet.

Image Source:- Ferrari

At the rear end, you will see a big spoiler to extract better performance and to add the downforce. The big spoiler also adds some plus points in enhancing the sporty looks. Ferrari removed backlights and screen to make the design more muscular and bold. Ferrari says Omologata features newly introduced custom Rosso magma paint and gets racing-inspired graphics.

Inside the Omologata developed to give you a complete sporty feel like gt cars. Here you will get a four-point racing harness for blue seats. A metal harness is added on the dashboard and the steering features a crackled paint.

Ferrari Omologata Revealed in International Market
Ferrari Omologata with 6.5-litre V12 Engine Delivers 800 HP of maximum power

Moving towards the powerhouse. It gets an 812 superfast based front-engine rear-wheel drive that is able to deliver 800 hp from 6.5 L naturally aspirated V12 engine that can attain the speed of 0-100 in just 2.8 sec

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