GPS technology Toll collection will eliminate Toll booths from Indian Road

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GPS technology Toll collection project will be done with the association of Govt. of Russia

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has confirmed that the Highways of India will become Tollbooth free within the next 2 years. He further stated that Govt. India has finalized the GPS toll collection in association with Russia.

Nitin Gadkari further clarified the complete process. when the project is implemented the toll is directly deducted from the Bank account link with the car according to the location of the car. The major challenge in front of this project is the old cars without GPS. Govt. of India will take strict action to make sure your vehicle should be enabled with GPS.

GPS technology Toll collection
GPS technology Toll collection

Image source :- NHAI

before this Currently toll collection is done by cash and Fastag. From 1st of January govt. is planning to make it compulsory to have Fastag on each and every vehicle.

Govt. officials said that GPS based toll collection is proposed to increase the toll collection. in the year 2019-2020, the toll collection is recorded 34,000 crores. Now it is expected after five years it will become 1.34 lakh crore with the help of GPS based Toll collection project.

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