Hero records 18% sales growth on Destiny 125 scooter

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18% Sales Growth on Destiny 125

In this pandemic situation, every manufacture is affect. Hero is the only company that show positive growth in sales. Recently Hero recorded excellent sales figure on its new product Hero Xtreme 160 R in starting month compare to other manufacturers.


That shows the trust of consumers and the quality of products that Hero provides. Destiny 125 is India’s first scooter with revolutionary i3S Technology. The engine is powered by 125 cc with bs 6 emission norms.


In previous month Hero 18% sales growth in July 2020. In last month Hero managed to dispatch 13,184 units of destiny that is 18% more than the previous year in the same period. Company also recorded a 5% growth on the MOM basis.

Hero Destini is the first scooter that gets i3s Technology The Hero i3s Technology automatically shuts off the engine at the idle speed. Due to this technology, it helps to increase fuel efficiency and save unwanted burning of fuel. Hence this is the perfect combination of technology, performance, and style.

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