Honda Activa Become the first scooter to Reach the 2.5 crore sales milestone

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Honda Activa is continuously on sale in the Indian market for 20 years

Honda Activa has completed a long journey in the domestic market. For many years Activa is the country’s largest scooter. In this long Journey Honda witnessed so many records and crossed milestones. Honda first came up with this product in the market in 2001. the First model was powered by a 102 cc engine.

Honda did so many upgrades to this product from its launch. First, honda came up with Puncture resistance technology in the market. In a very short period Honda getting good sales for Activa. As time passes Honda started achieving one by one high sales milestones. recently Honda announced that they crossed the 2.5 crore sales milestone in the Indian market.

Honda activa
special edition honda activa

Image source :- Honda twowheelers India

Honda introduced a few new features in action. The new Tumble stream technology builds the disturbance of the Air-Fuel mixture, which helps in accomplishing improved burning and fuel productivity. It comes equipped with honda globally acclaimed esp technology, honda added a new feature of silent stater in Activa.

Recently Special edition of honda Activa has been launched on completing 20 years in the market. The special edition Honda Activa gets a new matt brown paint scheme with matching grab handles. It gets a 20-year edition logo and a golden Activa logo. seats cover and brown with the blacked-out crankcase. As stated above there are no mechanical changes in it. it is powered by 110cc single-cylinder fuel injected system.

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