Honda Activa sales fall down by 51% in july sales

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Honda Activa slipped to third place in July sales


Honda Activa is a popular two-wheeler scooter for a long time because of its good performance of Indian rod and good design. Almost every manufacturer in the world is affected by a corona pandemic.

A few months back India also went threw from a complete lockdown in the country. The lockdown affects each and every manufacturer. The companies still stand perfectly after unlock, the sales are again got a slow rise but in the scooter segment the most popular scooter Honda Activa sales fall down by 51% in July sales.

Honda Activa 125 BS6
Activa 125 BS6

Last month honda Activa exact sales figure are 1,18,859 that is decreased by 51% as compared to yoy sales stats 2,43,604 units sold in july 2019.

Honda is always trying to make their products better. In this improvisation, honda continuously adds new technology to their products. The new Tumble stream technology builds the disturbance of the Air-Fuel mixture, which helps in accomplishing improved burning and fuel productivity.

The cylinder part of the new Activa 125 BS-VI is outfitted with the fly, which makes a difference to accomplish better productivity by keeping up the temperature in all riding conditions.the all new honda Activa 125 BS6 is available with honda globally acclaimed esp technology, honda added a new feature of silent stater in Activa.

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