Hyundai Recalls 4,71,000 more SUV’s, Owners Instructed to park Outside

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Hyundai Recalls more cars to eliminate the electrical issue in the ABS Module

Hyundai has announced the recall for more SUV. The company recalled 4,71,000 more SUV for an electric Short in ABS module that can cause a fire. Additionally, the company said the owners of any SUV of Hyundai is to park their car outside of your car.

The latest Recall Is for specific models from 2016 through 2018 and 2020 through 2021. The vehicles are equipped with an Antilock braking system in the car. The antilock braking system is controlled by an Electronic module also known as ECU. The module is like a mini-computer.

Hyundai Recalls
Hyundai Tucson

Image source :- Hyundai

The cars of the above-mentioned model year having electric short in the module that can cause a fire in the whole car. This is the reason the company is instructing the owner to park your vehicle outside your house. The company officials said Hyundai Recalls SUVs just fora regular maintenance process to eliminate that issue. owner are notified in late February to take your car to your nearest dealership, which will replace the fuse on the module.

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