Hyundai Venue will debut the IMT technology In India.

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The IMT technology will available only with 1.0 L turbo petrol engine

  • Hyundai Venue will debut the IMT technology In India.
  • It offers clutchless gearshifting
  • IMT is known as Intelligent Manual transmission
Hyundai Venue will debut the IMT technology In India.
Hyundai Venue will debut the IMT technology In India.

Hyundai India announced that the Hyundai Venue will debut the IMT technology in India. IMT technology is Intelligent manual transmission. The technology offers the Clutchless gearshifting in your car. The IMT transmission will only available with the 1.0 L turbo petrol engine. This technology will make driving easier.

Hyundai venue is a very beautiful small SUV launched by Hyundai. The company released the news that its compact SUV Hyundai Venue crossed the 1 lakh sales mark. The company said about the figure that Hyundai sold 97,400 units all across India and 7400 units in the international market.

Hyundai is the company who always making its technology more advance. After Creta, this SUV is another popular car in its segment. Hyundai venue is awarded by the Car of the Year award according to the performance and sale of this car in the Indian market. There is one more highlighting thing is about this car is it got 4.5 ratings in Crash test by ARAI.

Hyundai Venue will debut the IMT technology In India.
Hyundai venue crossed the 1 lakh sales mark

What is IMT technology

The physical difference you will spot in the IMT Transmission car is two pedals will be there and the clutch pedal will be missing but the gear shifting will be done by the manual way with the gear lever. IN IMT technology you need not press the clutch pedal for the shifting of gear.

In IMT technology the Clutch actuation will be done by the automatic actuators. Here a TCU unit will be added like ECU. The TCU is the Transmission control unit that collects the data from various sensors that track every single moment of the Transmission system. and then the TCU unit actuates the clutch when it is needed

Feature of Hyundia Venue.

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