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Toyota Innova Crysta recently launched in India at the Starting Price of Rs 16.26 Lakhs. With this the perspective of this article is to show you the Ground Clearance176 mm, Boot Space300-litre of the all new Crysta Facelift. Whereas the Dimensions- Length = 4,735 mm, Width = 1,830 mm, Height = 1,795 mm.

Innova CrystaDimensions
Ground clearance176 mm
Boot Space300-litre
Ground Clearance and Boot Space of all-new Crysta

What is the Dimensions of Innova Crysta in mm?

Innova CrystaDimensions
Length4,735 mm
Width1,830 mm
Height1,795 mm
Wheelbase2,750 mm
Fuel Tank55-litre(Diesel), 65-litre(Petrol)
No of Doors5
Dimensions of 2020 Toyota Innova Crysta

The Length X Width X Height of the all new Crysta is 4,735 mm X 1,830 mm X 1,795 mm. It has the big Fuel Tank Capacity of 55-litre for Diesel Variant and for Petrol Variant it has the 10-litre more

Fuel Tank Capacity of 65-litre. However, it has the 5 no of doors and have the seating Capacity of 7 to 8 Person depending upon the variants of the car.

Toyota Innova Crysta Dimensions
New Toyota Innova Crysta .

What is the Boot Space of New Innova Crysta?

It has the Boot Space of 300-Litre.

What is the Kerb and Gross Weight of Innova Crysta?

For Petrol variants of the Crysta the Kerb Weight of the Car varies from 1,730 Kg to 1790 Kg whereas the Gross weight of the Car Varies from 2,340 Kg to 2,390 Kg.

For Diesel Variants of the Crysta the Kerb Weight of the Car Varies from 1,820 Kg to 1,920 Kg whereas the Gross Weight of the Car Varies From 2,430 Kg to 2,510 Kg. Along With this it has seven Colour options:-

  • Sparkling Black Crystal Shine
  • Garnet Red
  • White Pearl Crystal Shine
  • Avant-Garde Bronze
  • Silver
  • Grey
  • Super White

At the End of this we gonna show you the Variant Wise Pricing of the all-New Toyota Innova Crysta.

Innova Crysta Diesel variants EX-showroom and On road Price

Diesel VariantsPrice(EX-SHowroom-Price)Price(On-Road Price)
2.4 G 7 Seater16.64 Lakh19.85 Lakh
2.4 G 8 Seater16.69 Lakh19.90 Lakh
2.4 G Plus 7 Seater17.92 Lakh21.35 Lakh
2.4 G Plus 8 Seater17.97 Lakh21.41 Lakh
2.4 GX 7 Seater18.07 Lakh21.53 Lakh
2.4 GX 8 Seater18.12 Lakh21.59 Lakh
2.4 GX 7 Seater AT19.38 Lakh23.07 Lakh
2.4 GX 8 Seater AT19.43 Lakh23.13 Lakh
2.4 VX 7 Seater21.59 Lakh25.67 Lakh
2.4 VX 8 Seater21.64 Lakh25.73 Lakh
2.4 ZX 7 Seater 23.13 Lakh27.48 Lakh
2.4 ZX 7 Seater AT24.33 Lakh28.89 Lakh
Toyota Innova Diesel variants Ex- Showroom and On road Price

Innova Crysta Petrol Variants Ex-Showroom and On road Prices

Petrol VariantsEx-Showroom PriceOn Road Price
2.7 GX 7 Seater16.26 Lakh18.91 Lakh
2.7 GX 8 Seater16.31 Lakh18.97 Lakh
2.7 GX 7 Seater AT17.62 Lakh20.47 Lakh
2.7 GX 8 Seater AT17.67 Lakh20.53 Lakh
2.7 VX 7 Seater19.70 Lakh22.85 Lakh
2.7 ZX 7 Seater AT22.48 Lakh26.04 Lakh
Innova Petrol Variants Ex-Showroom and On road Prices

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