Kia Motors Sold 1 Lakh units Connected Cars in India

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Kia Motors recorded Majority of the connected car sales come from Sletos GTX plus DCT 1.4T variant

KIA Motors has started the journey in India 16 Months before. These 16 months KIA has witnessed a lot of success and achievements in the Indian market. Initially, Kia’s first product was SElTOS. it was a successful product in the market Then the company came up with the MPV segment. Currently, the latest car offered in the market by KIA is Sonet.

KIA Motors
Kia Sonet LED Taillamps with Halogen Indicators whereas the diamond cut alloy wheels given in this car

Image source :- KIA Motors India

Talking about the latest achievement Kia Motors sold 1 lakh units of Connected cars in India. The connected car is equipped with Kia’s latest UVO to connect technology. KIA officials revealed that the Connected cars contributed more than 55% of sales.

UVO Connected Car Technology with 50 plus connected features
UVO Connected Car Technology with 50 plus connected features

The majority of the sales have been coming from connected car variant Sletos GTX plus DCT 1.4T, which contributes almost 15 % of the total sales. Kia offered seamless connectivity, safety, and security to the customers. This is connected through the UVO connect app and this technology becomes the number one Indian Automobile brand in-car connectivity.

It is a Smart, Futuristic, and secure technology and is awarded as the “Best Connected Car Technology” in the year 2019. Moreover, UVO can connect more than 50 Smart features that are related to the Safety, Security, and convenience of the vehicle. The app features voice commands under various categories like Music, weather, calling, MAP, and many more.

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