Maruti Ertiga, Ground Clearance, Boot Space, Dimensions

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Maruti Ertiga is the Seven Seater Compact Multi Purpose Vehicle(MPV). In this Article we gonna show you the Ground Clearance = 180 mm, Boot Space = 209 Litre and DimensionsLength = 4,395 mm, Width = 1,735 mm, Height = 1,690 mm of Ertiga.

Maruti Suzuki ErtigaDimesnisons
Ground Clearance180 mm
Boot Space209 Litre
Ground Clearance and Boot Space of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga

What are the Dimensions of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga?

Maruti Suzuki ErtigaDimensions
Length4,395 mm
Width1,735 mm
Height1,690 mm
Wheelbase2,740 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity45-Litres
Ground Clearance180 mm
Boot Space209 litres
No of Doors5
Seating Capacity7 Person
Dimensions of Maruti Ertiga

If you Look at the Dimensions of the Ertiga then it has the Length = 4,395 mm, Width = 1,735 mm, Height = 1,690 mm

and having a 2,740 mm Longer Wheelbase. This MPV has a 180 mm Ground Clearance and Having the Seating capacity of 7 Person. It has a large 45-Litres Fuel Tank Capacity.

Dimensions of Maruti Ertiga
Dimensions of the Ertiga then it has the Length = 4,395 mm, Width = 1,735 mm, Height = 1,690 mm.

Comparison of Dimensions of Old Vs New Ertiga?

Well its an Major Changes done by the company in the Dimensions of New Ertiga. Here, we Show you in this Table.

Maruti ErtigaOld DimensionsNew Dimensions
Length4,296 mm4,395 mm
Width1,695 mm1,735 mm
Height1,685 mm1,690 mm
Wheelbase2,740 mm2,740 mm
Ground Clearance185 mm180 mm
Comparison of Old vs new Dimensions of Ertiga

This is Clearly seen that the Dimensions of Ertiga gets a huge changes in Which the new Ertiga is 99 mm Longer, 40 mm Wider, and 5 mm Taller. However the Wheelbase is same and Ground clearance is 5 mm Lower then the old Ertiga.

What is the Ground Clearance of New Ertiga?

The New Ertiga has the Ground Clearance of 180 mm which is 5 mm lower then the Old Ertiga.

What is the Boot Space of Ertiga?

It has the 209-litre Large Boot Space in the New Ertiga.

What is the Price Range of Ertiga?

The Ertiga Price Range is slightly Premium then the old one. The Previous Version of Ertiga Price Range Starts From Rs 6.33 Lakhs to Rs 10.69 Lakhs Whereas the New Ertiga has the Price range of Rs 7.44 Lakhs to Rs 10.90 Lakhs. All these Prices are Ex-Showroom Prices.

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