Maruti Suzuki Alto sales increased by 42% in Aug 2020

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Maruti Suzuki sold 14,397 units of Alto in Aug 2020

Maruti Suzuki Alto is the highest selling car in India. Sales of Alto is increasing day by day. From a long time company is manufacturing this car with very less features still the car is breaking every record in the Indian market. Talking about the latest sales data.

Maruti Suzuki Alto sales are increased by the rate of 42% with the sales figure of 14,397 units. In the same period, the company sold 10,123 units of Alto In the Indian market. Recently Alto becomes the best selling car for all time. You can imagine the popularity of Alto from the news released by company officials that the car has crossed the 40 lakh sales milestone in the Indian market.

Maruti Suzuki Alto
Maruti Suzuki Alto ( image source )

The presence of the car on Indian roads is a common sight. The car is not too much loaded with features. The popularity is because of its practicality. Enough space for passengers, boot with a goof mileage makes it the first choice in a low budget. It’s been 16 years since the company achieved so many records by this car because of no other rival of Alto is not present in the market. Nowadays there are few rivals in the market like Renault Kwid, Hyundai Eon

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