Maruti XL6 Ground Clearance, Boot Space and Kerb Weight

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Maruti XL6 is a MPV(Multi Purpose Vehicle). In this Article you will get the Maruti XL6 Ground Clearance= 185 mm, Boot Space= 209 Litres (Extended to 550 litres) and Dimensions- Length= 4445 mm, Width= 1775 mm, Height= 1700 mm.

DimensionsMaruti Suzuki XL6
Length4445 mm
Width1775 mm
Height1700 mm
Wheelbase2740 mm
Ground Clearance185 mm
Boot Space209 litres(Extended to 550 litres)
Fuel Tank45 Litres
Maruti XL6 Ground Clearance, Boot Space and Dimensions

What are the Dimensions of Maruti XL6?

The Length X Width X Height of the XL6 is 4445 mm X 1775 mm X 1700 mm. It has the Longer Wheelbase of 2740 mm and having 185 mm Ground clearance. It has a large Fuel Tank of 45 litre


Maruti XL6
Maruti XL6 Ground Clearance of 185 mm.

What is the Ground Clearance of the Maruti XL6?

The XL6 has a Ground clearance of 185 mm with the Combination of Tire Size= 185/65 R15 both for base and top of the variant.

Ground Clearance185 mm
Tire Size185/65 R15
Ground clearance of Maruti XL6

What is the Kerb Weight of Maruti Suzuki XL6?

It has the Kerb Weight of 1180 Kg.

What is the Gross Vehicle Weight of XL6?

It has the Gross Vehicle Weight of 1730 Kg.

What is the Boot Space of Maruti XL6?

The Maruti Suzuki XL6 has the Boot Space of 209 litres which can be Furthur expanded to 550 litres by folding 3rd row of the car.

Does Maruti XL6 has Sunroof?

If you are a Sunroof lover then this will be a disappointment to you that No Sunroof or Moonroof is equipped in Maruti Suzuki XL6.

Is XL6 a 7-Seater Car?

No the XL6 is a 6 seater car in the combination of 2+2+2 Seating positions.

XL6 vs Ertiga Dimensions Comparison

DimensionsMaruti ErtigaMaruti XL6
Length4395 mm4445 mm
Width1735 mm1775 mm
Height1690 mm1700 mm
Wheelbase2740 mm2740 mm
Ground Clearance180 mm185 mm
Boot Space209 litres209 litres(Extended to 550 litres)
Fuel Tank45-litres45-litres
Seating capacity7-Persons6-Persons

Dimensions Comparison XL6 vs Ertiga

In terms of Dimensions The Maruti Suzuki Xl6 is 50 mm Longer, 40 mm Wider and 10 mm more Height than the Maruti Ertiga. Both the Cars has Same Wheelbase of 2740 mm and slightly difference of 5 mm in Ground clearance. The Fuel Tank Capacity of Both the Cars is same 45-litres.

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