Bajaj Pulsar Series Price Hiked-New Price List Here

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Bajaj is one of the topmost two-wheeler company especially known for its Pulsar series bikes. Now, the Company hikes the prices of the Pulsar Series. Bajaj further increases the price of the BS6 Pulsar series and now got another price hike.

Here’s the New List of Pulsar Series Price Hiked Motorcycles.

Firstly, the flagship bike Bajaj Pulsar 200RS with BS6 upgrade get priced at Rs 1.49 Lakhs whereas the price hike of approx Rs 3,000 and the New Price of the bike is Rs 1.52 Lakhs. The Bike is powered by the 199.5 cc liquid-cooled engine with a fuel injection system. This Engine Generates the Maximum power of 24.5 PS and 18.7 Nm peak torque. It is mated with the 6-speed Manual Gearbox.

Bajaj Pulsar 200RS
The Bajaj Pulsar 200RS with 199.5 cc BS6 engine with Fuel Injected System embedded in this bike.

Another Flagship bike Bajaj Pulsar 200NS powered by a 199.5 cc engine produces 24.5 ps power and 18.5 Nm torque. The BS6 Variant priced at Rs 1.29 Lakhs whereas the recent price hike of Approx Rs 2500 and the new Price of The Bike is Rs 1.31 lakhs.


Moving Furthur on the Iconic Motorcycle Bajaj Pulsar 220F which is powered by 200cc single-cylinder oil-cooled engine produces 20.4 ps and 18.5 Nm torque. It is mated with a 5-speed Gearbox. The BS6 220F Priced at Rs 1.21 Lakhs and price hike of approx Rs 2,500 and the new Price of the Bike is now Rs 1.23 Lakhs.

Same as the Bajaj Pulsar 180F with 178 cc engine produces 17.02 PS Power and 14.52 Nm torque Priced at Rs 1.11 Lakhs and now the price hikes and the new Price of the Bike is Rs 1.13 Lakhs.

The Another Bike of Bajaj is Pulsar 160NS looks similar to 200NS but powered by a 160cc BS6 engine with a fuel-injected system produces the maximum power of 17.2 PS and 14.2 Nm peak torque. Earlier it is Priced at Rs 1.07 Lakhs and after the price hike, the new price of the bike is Rs 1.08 Lakhs.

Bajaj Pulsar 150 one of the most selling motorcycles of Bajaj powered by the 149.5 cc BS6 engine produces the maximum power of 14 Nm and 13.25 Nm torque. The Bike has 3 Variants Neon, Standard, and Twin Disc. The Pulsar Neon earlier price is Rs 91,002 whereas the new price of the Neon is Rs 92,627. The Pulsar Standard variant has a price of Rs 97,958 and the New Price of the Standard variant is Rs 99,584. The Twin Disc has the earlier Price of Rs 1.01 Lakhs Whereas the new price of the bike is Rs 1.03 lakhs.

Pulsar Series Price Hiked
Pulsar Series Price Hiked, This is the Bajaj Pulsar 150 Neon gets price hiked.

Images Source:- Bajaj

The Entry Level bike in Pulsar Catagory is Pulsar 125 which is powered by a 124.5 cc engine which produces the power of 11.8 PS and 10.8 Nm peak torque. The Variant wise price is Shown Below.

VariantsOld PriceNew Price
Pulsar 125 Neon DrumRs 70,995 Rs 72,122
Pulsar 125 Neon DiscRs 75,923Rs 76,992
Pulsar 125 Split Seat DrumRs 73,274
Pulsar 125 Split-Seat DiscRs 79,219Rs 80,218
Pulsar Series Price Hiked and here is the Old Vs New Prices of Pulsar 125

So That is all about the price hike of the Bajaj Pulsar series. Comment below in the comment section which one will you like the most and is it fair to get a price hike in the Pulsar series? Comment below in the Comment Section.

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