Rolls Royce Ghost World’s First Drive Video- Rolls Royce Ghost

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New Rolls Royce 2020

Rolls Royce a Brand that is known for its refinements and luxury and Class. Recently they revealed the Next-generation Rolls Royce Ghost which is built on the Architecture of Luxury.


Here’s the Rolls Royce Ghost First-ever drive in the world

The Ghost comes with some Key features like Radiant Beneath the Stars, Captivating in Essence, All Wheel Steering, Ethereal Muse, Floating Wheel-Centre Caps, 500-liter big boot space, At the command, is the next innovation of Rolls Royce in which you can open the door effortlessly you have to just give a gesture command to open the door.

Rolls Royce with All wheel steering feature
All Wheel Steering Feature in Rolls Royce

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The Rolls Royce comes with the World’s Most refined Engine. The Car is Powered by the Next-generation 6.75-litre Twin-Turbocharged V12 Engine and is able to transfer the good amount of torque at low RPM.

This V12 engine is able to produce the maximum power of 585 hp and 849 Nm of peak torque. This is the All-Wheel Drive Car with Heightened Agility in which below 70 km/h all-wheel-drive steering takes control and below 70 km/h the co steer takes place and improve the lateral movement.

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