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Tata Altroz is the Premium Hatchback and the Safest Hatchback in India with 5-star Global NCAP Safety Rating. The Perspective of this news is to show you the Ground Clearance = 165 mm, Boot Space = 345 Litre and DimensionsLength = 3,990 mm, Width = 1,755 mm, Height = 1,523 mm.

Tata AltrozDimensions
Ground Clearance165 mm
Boot Space345-litre
Ground Clearance and Boot Space of Tata Altroz

Tata Altroz Ground Clearance Issues?

The Tata Altroz has the Ground Clearance of 165 mm which is slightly lower then its rivals Maruti Suzuki Boleno, Honda Jazz and Hyundai i20 Elite. Due to Which it may touches the ground easily as per the Indian roads Conditions.

What are the Dimensions of Tata Altroz?

Tata AltrozDimensions
Length3,990 mm
Width1,755 mm
Height1,523 mm
WheelBase2,501 mm
Fuel Tank37-litre
No of Doors5
Kerb Weight980 Kg to 1150 Kg
Boot Space345-Litres
Dimensions of Altroz

In the Dimensions of Altroz the Length X Width X Height

of the Car is 3,990 mm X 1,755 mm X 1,523 mm. It has the Longer Wheelbase of 2,501 mm and the Ground Clearance of 165 mm. It has the Large 37-litre Fuel Tank Capacity due to which it has the Kerb Weight of lies in between 980 Kg to 1150 Kg.

Tata Altroz Dimensions
Dimensions of the Altroz Ground Clearance = 165 mm, Boot Space = 345 Litre and Dimensions – Length = 3,990 mm, Width = 1,755 mm, Height = 1,523 mm.

The Altroz gets the Steel Wheels with XE, XM and XT Trims Whereas the Alloy Wheels available with XZ and XZ(o) Trims.

The Three Tyre Sizes are available according to the Variants of Altroz:-

  • 165/80 R14 Tyre Size is available with Petrol/Diesel XE Trim and Petrol/Diesel XM Trim.
  • 195/55 R16 Tyre Size is available with Petrol XM+, Petrol XT, Petrol XZ and Petrol XZ(o) Trims.
  • 185/60 R16 Tyre Size is available with Diesel XT, Diesel XZ and Diesel XZ(o) Trims.

Whereas, with these three Sizes all the Variants will get a spare tyre of Size 165/80 R14.

What is the Boot Space of Tata Altroz?

It has the 345litres Large Boot Space.

The Altroz Comes with the Five Colour Options:-

  • High-Street Gold
  • Skyline Silver
  • Downtown Red
  • Midtown Grey
  • Avenue White

What is the Price of Tata Altroz?

The Altroz Price Starts From Rs 5.44 Lakhs and Goes up to Rs 8.95 Lakhs. These are the Ex-Showroom Price of the Altroz.

Altroz Petrol Variants Ex-Showroom and On Road Prices

Tata Altroz Petrol VariantsEx-Showroom PricesOn Road Prices
XE5.44 Lakhs6.00 Lakhs
XM6.30 Lakhs7.11 Lakhs
XM Plus6.60 Lakhs7.42 Lakhs
XT6.99 Lakhs7.86 Lakhs
XZ7.59 Lakhs8.52 Lakhs
XZ Option7.75 Lakhs8.69 Lakhs
Altroz Ex-Showroom and On road Price

Altroz Diesel Variants Ex-Showroom and On Road Prices

Tata Altroz Diesel variantsEx-Showroom PriceOn Road Price
XE6.99 Lakhs7.98 Lakhs
XM7.50 Lakhs8.55 Lakhs
XT8.19 Lakhs9.32 Lakhs
XZ8.79 Lakhs9.98 Lakhs
XZ Option8.95 Lakhs10.16 Lakhs
Altroz EX-Showroom and On road Prices

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