Tata motors release Silent Diwali film to address noise pollution Issue

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Tata Nexon is the first Indian electric car

Tata Motors has announced the release of a silent Diwali film to highlight the issue of air pollution and noise pollution across the country. Tata wants to encourage the viewers to celebrate a silent safe and pollution-free Diwali.

In this video, tata is using its first electric car to encourage viewers to protect the environment by using Electric vehicles and to reduce the usage of the IC engine. Electric vehicles are runs on Zero emission.

All new tata nexon, the next level
Tata motors

Image source :- Tata motors

Tata motors

In short, the video starts with a young girl lighting firecrackers and on the other hand girl using flowers. The video differentiating the situation of how firecracker affects the environment. In last the Nexon EV comes with Zero noise and a message for the whole country to protect our environment.

Nexon EV is the first Electric from Tata motors. Tata claims the driving range if Nexon EV is 312 Km in a single charge. The vehicle is powered by a 3 phase permanent magnet synchronous motor, That is able to deliver the max. Power of 130.7 bhp and max torque of 245 Nm. Tata provides a DC fast charging facility by which the car gets charged 0-80% in just less than an hour. Last month the company revealed the sales figure that shows Tata sold 1000 units of Nexon EV

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