Top 10 Safest Cars in India (Rated by Global NCAP) – Top 10 Safest Cars Price in India

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Top 10 Safest Cars in India

Now a Days Lots of cars launched in the Indian Market and it is difficult to choose a car over different needs and Priorities. In India most of the people looks for the best in everything so, here we Brings the Top 10 Safest Cars in India.

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List of Top 10 Safest Cars in India

1. Mahindra XUV 300 ( 5-Star NCAP Rating)

XUV 300 Safest Car in India
XUV300 is the Safest Car of India in 2020, XUV300 Safest Car.

Mahindra XUV 300 occupied the first place in the list of Top 10 Safest Cars in India and the safest car in India. It gets the 5-star NCAP Rating while Testing. The Mahindra XUV 300 gets the 16.42 points out of 17 as Adult Occupant and 37.44 points out of 49 as Child Occupant safety. Which is the Most by any of the Car available in India till now in 2020.

The Two Engine Options are available with this Safest car of India:-

  • 1.2-litre Petrol Engine
  • 1.5-Litre Diesel Engine

The Mahindra XUV 300 is Price Starts From Rs 7.95 Lakhs(Ex-Showroom) and Top of the Model Priced at Rs 12.30 Lakhs(Ex-Showroom).

2. Tata Altroz (5-Star NCAP Rating)

Tata Altroz Safest Hathback
Tata Altroz is the 5-star NCAP Safety Rating Hatchback.

Tata Altroz is the another Safest Car but it s a Hatchback Mahindra XUV 300 is an SUV. SO, Tata Altroz is the Safest Hatchback in India gets 5-Star Safety NCAP Rating. In Which the car gets 16.13 out of 17 Adult Occupant safety points whereas it gets 29 out of 49 as Child Occupant safety Points.

Talk about the Engine Options then it will get 1.2-litre Petrol engine and 1.5-litre Diesel engine


The Tata Altroz Priced in between Rs 5.44 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom) and Rs 9.09 Lakhs(Ex-Showroom).

3. Tata Nexon (5-Star NCAP Rating)

Tata Nexon
Tata Nexon one of the Top 10 Safest SUV in India after XUV300.

Tata again comes in this list with 5-star NCAP Safety rating. Tata Nexon gets 16.06 out of 17 Adult Occupant safety points and 25 out of 49 Child Occupants points.

The Nexon gets 1.2-litre Turbocharged Petrol and 1.5-litre Turbocharged Diesel engine.

The Car price Starts from Rs 6.99 Lakh (Ex-Showroom) to Rs 12.7 Lakh (Ex-Showroom).

4. Mahindra Marazzo (4-Star NCAP Safety Rating)

Mahindra Marazzo
Mahindra Marazzo gets 4-Star NCAP Safety rating.

Mahindra Marazzo with the 4rth Place gets the 4-star Safety ratings by NCAP. The Marazzo gets 12.85 out of 17 Adult Occupant Safety points and 22.22 out of 49 in Child Occupant safety points.

This car is available with only 1.5-litre Diesel engine. The Mahindra Marazzo Price Starts From Rs 11.25 Lakh( Ex-showroom) to Rs 13.59 Lakh(Ex-Showroom).

5. Volkswagen Polo(4-Star NCAP Rating)

Volkswagen Polo is a 4-Star NCAP Safety Ratings in which it gets the 12.54 out of 17 Adult Occupant safety points whereas gets 29.91 out of 49 Child Occupant Safety Points. It comes with the 1.0-litre MPI Petrol engine and 1.0-litre TSI Petrol engine option.

Volkswagen Polo
Polo gets 4-star NCAP Safety Rating.

The Polo Price Starts From Rs 5.87 lakh(Ex-showroom) to Rs 9.67 Lakh(Ex-Showroom).

6. Tata Tiago/Tigor (4-Star NCAP Ratings)

Tata Tiago/Tigor Gets the 4-Star NCAP Ratings in Which it gets the 12.52 out of 17 Adult Occupant Safety points and 34.15 out of 49 child Occupant Safety points.

The Tata Tiago Price Starts From Rs 4.7 Lakh (Ex-Showroom) to Rs 6.63 Lakh(Ex-Showroom). Whereas Tata Tigor Price Starts From Rs 5.39 lakh(Ex-Showroom) to Rs 7.49 Lakh(Ex-Showroom).

7. Maruti Brezza(4-star NCAP Rating)

Maruti Brezza
Brezza 4-Star NCAP Rating.

Maruti Brezza with 4-star NCAP Safety Ratings Brezza is on the 7th position in this list. It Gets the 4-Star NCAP Ratings in Which it gets the 12.51 out of 17 Adult Occupant Safety points and 17.93 out of 49 child Occupant Safety points. The Only 1.5-litre Petrol engine comes with new Brezza.

The Maruti Brezza Price Starts From Rs 7.34 lakh(Ex-Showroom) and goes upto Rs 11.40 Lakh(Ex-Showroom).

8. Maruti Ertiga(3-Star NCAP Safety Rating)

Another Maruti Car in the List Maruti Ertiga with 3-Star NCAP Rating. Ertiga gets the 9.25 Adult Occupant Safety Points and 25.16 Child Occupant Safety points.

Maruti Ertiga
Maruti Ertiga Gets 3-Star in NCAP Safety Rating Test.

The Maruti Ertiga is Priced in Between Rs 7.59 Lakh(Ex-Showroom) to Rs 10.13 Lakh(Ex-Showroom).

9. Ford Aspire(3-Star NCAP Safety ratings)

Ford Aspire
Ford Aspire Gets 3-Star NCAP Rating.

First Car from Ford in this list the Ford Aspire gets the 3-Star Safety Rating from NCAP. It gets 10.49 Adult Occupant Safety Points and 14.22 Child Occupant Safety points.

It comes with the 1.2-litre petrol and 1.5-litre diesel engine options. Ford Aspire Price Starts From Rs 6.09 Lakh(Ex-Showroom) to Rs 8.64 Lakh(Ex-Showroom).

10. Renault Duster(3-Star NCAP Safety Rating)

On the Tenth Place of the List the Renault Duster Occupied the space with 3-star NCAP Safety Ratings. It Gets the 9 points for Adult Occupied Safety and 17.75 points for Child Occupant safety.

Renault Duster Price in Between Rs 8.59 lakh(ex-Showroom) to Rs 13.59 lakh(Ex-Showroom).

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