Top Bikes Sales in the Month of June and July 2020

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Top Bikes Sales

Automotive Industry is the most affected industry during the COVID-19 Pandemics. Even in the Month of May Zero sales of Vehicles due to which a huge loss to the automotive companies but as the Lockdown is over and things get under control the Sales of vehicles starts from the Month of June 2020.


So, Here is the List of Top Bikes Sales in the Month of June and July 2020

Top Bikes Sales
Top Bikes Sales

1. Hero Splendor Plus

This is the 97.2 cc engine bike that produces a maximum power of 8.02 PS and 8.05 Nm of torque. The pricing of this bike ranges in between Rs 60,000 to Rs 65,000. In the Month of June 2020, the 13,654 units were sold whereas the sales increases and there is a huge number of distance in the month of July with 2,13,413 Units were sold.


2. Hero HF Deluxe

Again on the second number Hero takes place in this list the Hero HF Deluxe is powered by the same 97.2 cc engine produces 8.02 PS of Maximum power. The sales in June 2020 are 1,29,602 Units whereas in the Month of July 2020 the sales increase and touch the mark of 1,54,142 units.

Top Bikes Sales in June and July 2020
Top Bikes Sales in June and July 2020

3. Honda CB Shine

Honda CB Shine equipped with a 124.7 cc engine produces 10.5 bhp of power with 11 Nm of torque. The sales of this bike in June 40,316 whereas in July the 88,969 units were sold.

4. Bajaj Pulsar

Bajaj Pulsar Sales in June touches the Sales units of 80,822 whereas the sales decreases in the month of july and only 73,836 units were sold out.

5. Hero Glamour

Hero Glamour is a 124.7 cc bike which produces power of 10.6 bhp. The sales figure in the month of june for hero Glamour is 45,252 whereas in the month of July the 51,225 units were sold.

6. Hero Passion Pro

Passion Pro is powered with 113.2 cc engine produces maximum power of 9.14 PS. The 39,900 units were sold in the month of June whereas the 44,377 units were sold in July 2020.

7. Bajaj Platina

Bajaj Platina Sales in June is 35,277 units whereas the sales decreases in July and sold out only 35,103 units.

8. Bajaj CT 100

This 102 cc engine bike produces 7.9 PS power and sales of this bike in the month of June is 22,76 whereas the huge difference comes in the month of July and 33,774 units were sold.

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