TVS Apache RTR 200 4v (BS 6)

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Apache is a very dominating sports bike in India since its first edition. TVs apache RTR 160 is a very popular bike. Now TVS introduced Apache RTR 200 4v with BS 6 technology. the design of RTR 200 is almost similar to previous RTR model, but there is a huge difference between both bikes

There is one special feature in this bike called smart connect. In this feature, you can connect your mobile with this bike via Bluetooth. The amount of power and torque is excellent in this variant which gives a very comfortable ride. Gear shifting from low range to high range is very good.

Smart Connect feature in Apache RTR 200

This feature provided by TVS in this variant is a very impressive move according to the riders’ point of view. this feature is meant to enhance the ride experience of riders. So what is smart connect, In this feature, riders can connect their mobile phone with their bike via Bluetooth connectivity. there are so many features you can access by smart connect

  • The first feature is navigation on a fully digital instrument console
  • The intelligence system is designed to plot multiple stops vis navigation again which is very helpful during long rides
  • When fuel is low it will automatically navigate you to the nearest filling station.
  • The smart connect app will give detailed information about bike performance.
  • The best feature is the smart alert system will spot the exact location of the crashed rider.
  • The smart connect has an SMS and CALL notification on the console.
  • welcome notification on the console with your name is also an exciting feature in this bike
TVS Apache RTR 200 4v (BS 6)
RTR 200

GTT technology in Apache 200 4v

The new Apache is coming up with BS6 technology. According to that, there is a fuel injection system you will see on this bike. so there is a small advance feature TVS is providing you known as GTT technology. Here GTT is known Glide through traffic technology

. this technology provides you smooth controlled ride in urban areas. where you start moving the bike with a smooth release of the clutch lever without the throttle operation. BY doing this TVS did enhancement in fuel efficiency

Engine and transmission OF TVS Apache RTR 200 4v

The engine of this bike is very finely designed and built for good sports performance. You will get 197.75 cc displacement engine in this bike produces the power of 20 ps @7000 rpm and it delivers the torque 17 Nm @6500 rpm. According to power, this bike is really amazing. As this bike also comes with BS 6 emission norms so the piston used in this engine slightly lighter and has a catalytic converter on the exhaust system. This engine will be fed by the electronic fuel injection system to enhance the performance

what is BS 6 technology in Apache RTR 200:-

What is Bharat stage 6?

Bharat stage 6 is the Emissions Norms that will strickly follow in India from 2020. With the introduction of Bharat Stage 6 technology, Indian Automotive sector will be able to cope up with European and American Vehicle Industries in terms of Emission Norms.

What is Emission?

Emissions are the byproducts of any reaction. In the case of Automobiles that employ the Internal Combustion Engine as a powerhouse, fuel is ignited inside the engine. So due to the burning of fuel produces exhaust gases as byproducts which in technical terms is termed as ‘Tailpipe Emissions’.

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What are Emission Norms?

Emission Norms are a set of standards that define the quantity of each pollutant from vehicle per distance of the run. Central pollution control Board implemented the emissions Norms in India under the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

How Emissions Norms controlled?

When we are talking about Automotive Engine there is a number of factors that need to be controlled. Like Engine needs Fuel and Air for operation. Now the twist is Engine will respond differently to different temperatures, pressures, volumes, etc of Intake Air. (To know more about Automotive Engine or Internal Combustion check out our article on IC Engine Working and Operation). The sensors are used to measure and sense various parameters like Intake air pressure, intake temperature and many more.

Styling and ride quality OF TVS Apache RTR 200 4v

The bike looks so amazing, the graphics on this bike look beautiful. RTR 200 almost looks similar to RTR 160 there is a minor visible difference is there. like you will get plastic casing at the disc and yes the ABS rings are hidden .the major highlighted part is split seat with good cautioning effect. Front headlamps also look beautiful with full LED lamps. IF we talk about ride quality is amazing because this has a good amount of torque and power which gives excellent starting acceleration. Power shifting from low to high and high to low is also very smooth

brakes tyre and suspension

The braking system is ABS enabled in this bike. BRaking distance is very good. Front tyre size is 90/90-17inch and the rear one is 130/70 r17. which means the rear tyre is radial one and the front tyre regular fly tyre. Front suspension is USD fork and rear mono-shock. all these systems combined gives a comfortable ride

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TVS Apache RTR 200 4v (BS 6)

Specifications of TVS Apache RTR 200

Engine and transmission

Engine 4 stroke
Transmission drivechain
chainbrass coated

Brakes tyre and suspension

Front suspensionfork
Rear suspensionmono-shock
TVS Apache RTR 200 4v (BS 6)
TVS racing mode


Instrument consoledigital
LED headlampsyes
LED taillightyes
Device connectivityyes
Turn signal lightLED


This amazing machine can be yours in only 1.25 lakhs. This machine is of real value for money.


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