TVS iQube electric scooter 2020

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TVS iQube electric scooter
TVS iQube electric scooter

The Automobile industry all around the world is going to be changed in a few years. TVS iQube electric scooter is the beginning of this change The automobile industry is completely shifting towards electric vehicles. The only Reason of this shifting is to run our vehicles on the pure pollution-free energy source to make our environment clean for our upcoming generation

Wrong theory about E-vehicle

TVS recently launched its electric scooter in the Indian market. This scooter is very efficient. This scooter gives the output of 75 km in a single charge under ECO mode, with a top speed of 78km/h. Generally, we have a misconception about E-vehicle that They cannot perform like an IC engine

But now the time has been changed. The India base motorbike company TVS motors had broken that Theory. This scooter will be a very hard competition for other scooters available in the market-based on IC engine technology.

TVS iQube electric scooter

TVS iQube electric scooter is the best option if you are going to buy a scooter. TVS iQube delivers convenient, personalized, connected, and eco-friendly experience.

TVS iQube electric scooter
TVS iQube electric scooter

Why should you consider an E-scooter?

TVS iQube is a very good choice because of its unmatched riding experience. iQube reduces the cost of running, Maintenance is very easy and the best part is high sustainability.

Why should you consider TVS iQube?

TVS iQube scooter provides you delightful, smooth, and silent riding experience with instant torque. The high tech SmartXonnect technology and parking assistance technology gives you an unmatched experience

How do I maintain my TVS iQube?

TVS ensures to have a hassle-free ownership experience for its consumers. IN iQube 60 minutes charge will provide 20 KM ride range and a 3-year warranty on li-ion battery and access of highly responsive customer care team.

TVS iQube electric scooter side view
TVS iQube electric scooter side view

Design of TVS iQube electric scooter

The TVS has designed iQube in such a manner that it will reflect contemporary lifestyle, with its cutting edge technology and, sharp line that comes together to provide you a comfortable ride experience on the road

IN TVS iQube you will found crystal clear LED headlamps with LED tail lamps, The best technology added in this scooter is forward and backward parking assistance. With this, you will get ample boot space and a USB Charging port with light.

Performance of TVS iQube electric scooter

The performance of TVS iQube is remarkable. there are many factors that make its high-performance vehicle on the road .

  • Speed – TVS iQube can go as fast as 78 – 80 KM /H and can make your ride more interesting
  • Range – Now you need not wait in queue at fuel station just charge your iQube overnight and you can ride up to 75 KM in a single charge
  • Motor – TVS gives you a silent hub-mounted motor in iQube that delivers a peak output of 4.4 KW and ensures minimum loss in power transmission
  • Battery- TVS iQube is powered by 3 li-ion battery packed in an aluminum casing which makes it dust-free and Waterproof, also TVS provides you 3 year / 50,000 KM warranty
  • Acceleration – TVS iQube gives an acceleration of 0 to 40 in just 4.2 seconds even on uphills, now you need not worry about the performance of iQube in hard conditions

Charging of TVS iQube electric scooter

The charging of iQube is very easy with using charging accessory. you can charge your vehicle anytime anywhere with a 5A socket with an adaptor. The regenerative braking system will maximize the charge while riding, it will take 5 hours for a complete charge. you can monitor your vehicle charge from anywhere with the help pf smart connect technology.

TVS iQube electric scooter side lower profile
TVS iQube electric scooter side lower profile

Technical specifications

Gradeability10 degree
Tyre size front / rear =90/90-12 tubeless
Weight118 kg
suspensionfront – telescopic
rear – Hydraullic twin tube
Ground clearance 150 mm
brake Front – 220 mm disc
rear – 130 drum
Peak wheel torque140 Nm
water and dust resistance IP67

TVS Smart connect technolgy

TVS provides you a technology by which you can connect with your vehicle via Bluetooth connectivity and a for a better experience you will get next-generation TFT dashboard

  • Navigation assistance – you will get high tech navigation assistance on the dashboard display
  • Remote charge status – Now you can know about attery charge status remotely location by the help of iQube app
  • Incoming call Alerts – while riding Smart connect technology displays incoming call on the dashboard
  • Smart statistics – You will get each and every information about your vehicle, in short, you can know about the overall health of your vehicle
TVS iQube electric scooter side view
TVS iQube electric scooter side view

Price of TVS iQube electric scooter

you will get this amazing scooter is just 1,15,000 on-road price


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