Two employees died, 140 infected with corona at Bajaj Auto Aurangabad factory

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Bajaj Auto has now reported the cases of corona infected in its Aurangabad factories

On Friday, Bajaj Auto, a manufacturer of two- and three-wheelers, said that two employees at its Aurangabad plant died due to Covid-19.

However, 140 other employees are affected by this infection. However, the company has made it clear that work will not stop here.

After the Relaxation of Lockdown, life comes back on the track.

However, the cases are increasing day by day. In India, almost 5 lakh people are infected by Covid-19.


This statement has come at a time when some media reports recently suggested that Bajaj Auto should close its plant at Valuj near Aurangabad.

Bajaj Auto Chief HR Officer Ravi Ramasamy said, “Our Valuj plant employs more than 8,100 employees and contractors. Our 140 personnel are affected by Covid-19, which is less than two percent of the total number.”

The company said that the two-person who are dead due to COVID-19 was suffering from Hypertension and Diabetes. So they won’t stop working in the plant.

They also said that we have to learn to live with this Virus. However, according to the information, the company will close its plants on Saturday and Sunday for sanitization and is expected to start production again on Monday morning.

The company may send some of its employees to the Pantnagar plant in Uttarakhand.

The company is following the weekly shutdown on Sunday.

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