Urban Life SUV Volvo XC 40, Head turner design

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Urban Life SUV Volvo XC 40 is a futuristic car loaded with unique features and technology.

IF you are planning for buying an SUV from Volvo than here we have an detailed information about one of the amazing SUVs from the Volvo house. today we have Urban Life SUV Volvo XC 40 from the list. Volvo the luxury vehicle brand. These cars are always completely loaded with luxury comfort. The price range of Volvo xc40 is in between 39.9 to 43.9 lakh in India. The company manufactures station wagon, sedan, and compact executive sedans. Volvo cars look so amazing. Now the company is going to launch its small SUV named Volvo xc40 design. This is going to be a hit in the small utility vehicle market.

Urban Life SUV Volvo XC 40
volvo rear view

Thinking about power, Volvo xc40 is powered by a 2l Diesel engine whose displacement is 1969cc. Therefore, the amount of max power xc40 produces is 150 BHP and the max torque is almost double the amount of power which is 320Nm. However, this car has 8-speed automatic transmission. with AWD power drive.

When car-sharing is coming in mind. The first thing we thought is by sharing your car keys with friends or family. But Volvo is giving you the chance to upgrade yourself with new technology. Hence Let,s have a car-sharing experience in a modern way. The xc40 Volvo provides the feature of Car sharing with your family by giving them access via their mobile phone and the Volvo on-call app feature where you need not hand over the physical key of your car.

Urban Life SUV Volvo XC 40
Volvo Xc 40 R

Volvo provides a high seating position in Xc 40 crates with good visibility. Whereas, Good handling and steering response makes you feel in control on the road and Volvo also provides a Pilot assist system in Xc 40. This feature maintains steady speed on-road and maintains distance from another vehicle in front of you. This system also assists you with lane markings on the road. The feature like a clean zone provides you fresh air inside your Volvo Xc 40, no matter what kind of air is available outside.

Volvo uses the high tech protection air filter which protects your car from dust and harmful gases. It automatically closes the air intake and starts recirculation if it is necessary. The price range of Volvo xc40 is in between 39.9 to 43.9 lakh.

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