Volvo S60 Ground Clearance, Boot Space, Dimensions

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The Premium Sedan Volvo S60 3rd generation Recently Unveiled in India. The Purpose of this News is to show you the Ground Clearance = 136 mm, Boot space = 442-Litres and DimensionsLength = 4761 mm, Width = 1850 mm, Height = 1431 mm.

Volvo S60Dimensions
Length4761 mm
Width1850 mm
Height1431 mm
Ground Clearance136 mm
Wheelbase2872 mm
Boot Space442 litres
Fuel Tank55 Litres
Seating Capacity5 Persons

Dimensions of S60

The Length X Width X Height of the Volvo S60 is 4761 mm X 1850 mm X 1431 mm. It has the Longer Wheelbase of 2872 mm due to which it results in longer leg room along with having a low Ground clearance of 136 mm

which may difficult to ride on the rough roads due to which the car get hit easily underbody and may damaging.

Dimensions of Volvo S60
The Length X Width X Height of the Volvo S60 is 4761 mm X 1850 mm X 1431 mm.

It has the Seating Capacity of 5 Persons and a Large Boot Space of 442 litres. With No compromise with Space it has a Large 55-litres Fuel Tank as well.

What is the Boot Space of Volvo S60?

It has the Large Boot Space of 442 Litres which easily carry Large luggage’s and make easy to carry luggage.

What is the Ground Clearance of Volvo S60?

The Ground Clearance of this premium Sedan is 136 mm.

Volvo S60Dimensions
Ground Clearnace136 mm
Boot Space442 litres

Ground Clearance, Boot Space of Vovlo S60

What is the Tyre Size of Volvo S60? Is It Sufficient with this Low Ground Clearance?

The S60 has the Tyre Size of 235/40 R19. The 19-inches Alloy Wheels with the 136 mm Ground clearance somewhere a good combination. As it is a Premium Sedan the Car may be grounded on rough roads of India and may damage underbody of the car.

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