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Volvo the luxury vehicle brand. These cars are always completely loaded with luxury comfort. The price range of Volvo xc40 is in between 39.9 to 43.9 lakh in India. The company manufactures station wagon, sedan, and compact executive sedans. Volvo cars look so amazing. Now the company is going to launch its small SUV named Volvo xc40 design. This is going to be a hit in the small utility vehicle market.

Volvo xc40 is going to be launch in the Indian market very soon. You must have seen the advertisement for this car on various platforms.

Volvo xc 40 is advertised by Volvo with a tag line of- “A small SUV That’s big on innovation. With expressive design, ingenious storage, and smart technology. It,s built for city life”

This tagline completely justifies the design looks, and new technology features Volvo is going to provide in this car.

This is the Volvo xc 40 rear view which display the all new brake lights with the rear parking sensors and rear parking camera the black bumper looks beautiful and the rear mirror wiper is also given in this suv.
volvo rear view

Complete specifications

Volvo xc40 Engine and Transmission

Volvo xc40 is powered by a 2l Diesel engine whose displacement is 1969cc. Therefore, the amount of max power xc40 produces is 150 BHP and the max torque is almost double the amount of power which is 320Nm. However, this car has an 8-speed automatic transmission. with AWD power drive.

EngineD3(150hp)autDiesel D3(150hp)manDiesel D3AWD(150hp)autDiesel D3man(150hp)manDiesel
Engine description Four-cylinder turbocharged diesel Four-cylinder turbocharged diesel Four-cylinder turbocharged diesel Four-cylinder turbocharged diesel
Gearbox 8-speed Geartronic™ automatic transmission 6-speed manual gearbox 8-speed Geartronic™ automatic transmission, AWD 6-speed manual gearbox, AWD
Drivetrain Front-wheel drive Front-wheel drive All-wheel drive All-wheel drive
Acceleration 10.2 s 9.9 s 10.4 s 10.2 s
Horsepower 150 hp 150 hp 150 hp 150 hp
Torque 320 Nm 320 Nm 320 Nm 320 Nm
Max. speed 200 km/h 200 km/h 200 km/h 200 km/h
Emissions CO2 combined 156 – 165 g/km 143 – 154 g/km 165 – 173 g/km 146 – 167 g/km
Specifications of Volvo xc40

Capacity and weight

Fuel capacity 54 l 54 l 54 l 54 l
Cargo capacity 460 l 460 l 460 l 460 l
Max, toe capacity 1800 kg 1600 kg2000 kg 2000 kg
Serving weight 1681 kg 1650 kg 1742 kg 1723 kg
Weight and capacity of xc40

Smart Partner feature in Volvo Xc 40 R

There is nothing wrong while saying that you can connect yourself with your Xc 40. Because the company is providing technology in Volvo XC40 has a human feel.

From the easy to use center fitted high-resolution touch screen driver display with voice control command technology.

This technology understands the normal speech of the driver which makes things less complicated. While using it is so easy as using your phone.

Car sharing technology in Volvo Xc 40 R

When car-sharing is coming in mind. The first thing we thought is by sharing your car keys with friends or family.

But Volvo is giving you the chance to upgrade yourself with new technology. Hence Let,s have a car-sharing experience in a modern way.

The xc40 Volvo provides the feature of Car sharing with your family by giving them access via their mobile phone and the Volvo on-call app feature where you need not hand over the physical key of your car.

Images of Volvo Xc 40

Volvo High tech protection on the road

This high tech protection technology works like an extra pair of eyes. The feature identifies the other vehicles, pedestrians, and animals on the road and gives signals to the driver. If the driver does not react on time Than it will actuate the automatic brake to avoid accidents.

Xc 40 Driving comfort and Handling

Volvo provides a high seating position in Xc 40 crates with good visibility. Whereas, Good handling and steering response makes you feel in control on the road and Volvo also provides a Pilot assist system in Xc 40.

This feature maintains steady speed on-road and maintains distance from another vehicle in front of you. This system also assists you with lane markings on the road.

Volvo Xc 40 R
Volvo Xc 40 R, Features

Parking Feature of Volvo

The company provides you great visibility in Xc 40 and a 360degree camera. This feature helps you to park your car in the busy street. It will assist you with obstacles and car relations with other vehicles while parking.

Cleanzone Feature

The feature like a clean zone provides you fresh air inside your Volvo Xc 40, no matter what kind of air is available outside.

Volvo uses the high tech protection air filter which protects your car from dust and harmful gases. It automatically closes the air intake and starts recirculation if it is necessary.

Features of Xc 40

Xc 40 R Volvo
Xc 40 R Volvo, side panel of Volvo XC 40R

Intelligence Features

Pilot assistAvailable
Adaptive cruise control Available
Inflatable curtain yes
Connect safety Available
Knee airbag driverside Available
City Safety with Steering control yes
Road sign indicator Available
Speed limiter Available
Automatic braking yes
Lane departure working Available
Collapse steering column Available
Side airbags yes
Head Restrains Available
Warning TRiangle Available
First -aid kit yes
Intelligence features in xc 40

Preventive safety

Indirect tire pressure Monitoringyes
Automatic inner and outer view mirror yes
LED headlights Available
LED headlights with Active Bending Lights yes
Fog Lamp with cornering function yes
Temporary spare kit Available
Temporary mobility yes
Preventive safety features

Security Features

Alarm Available
Remote control center locking Available
Automatic door locking yes
Keyless start Available
Global locking and closing Available
Hidden storage compartment yes
Tempered glass windows Available
Laminated side windows Available
Lockable wheel bolts yes
Power retractable door mirrors Available
Safety features of xc40

Volvo xc40 interior

High-performance audio system Available
Harman Kardon audio system Available
Air ventilated subwoofer yes
Steering wheel remote control Available
Digital audio broadcasting Available
Digital Tv receiver yes
Volvo xc40 interior
Xc 40 R Interior
Xc 40 R Interior

Price of volvo xc40

The price range of Volvo xc40 is in between 39.9 to 43.9 lakh.


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